We are committed to utilizing solely Ecuadorian wellness products, including locally made organic & natural products to maintain our country’s traditions, while still holding modern standards.



Uku Samay experiences



Joyas del Ecuador wellness Spa is a strategic viewpoint where we can see two worlds, two skies and two hemispheres.

Air is inspired by the force that caresses gently, elevates and stays in harmony with birds, they have the strength that allows them to identify the world and recognize through smell. Organic and Andean aromatherapy is an essential part of this ritual through facials of organic essences, energy balance massages of the two hemispheres and a yogurt and coconut wrap followed by a bathtub with effervecent salts. This ritual will elevate you into a relaxation of senses, with an emphasis on the nose.


Organic extract facial with Germaine Capuccini, Hydra System line

Totally, tailored to your skin type, it is an organic extracts ritual which alone with the Spanish laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini highest technology, allows your skin to self-regulate its amount of water. It is a restructuring and moisturizing facial for all skin types.

Organic Extract Facial

Tailored to your skin type, it is a 100% organic extract ritual. It brings with it the ancestral knowledge of our ancestors aromas and essences. The therapist will work during the facial in the elaboration of its own mixture of extracts based in your personal taste and preferences.

Andean Aromatheraphy with balance energy massage.

Like two hemispheres have the world, so our body, that requires a balance and relaxation. The Air massage balances our body two hemispheres, which will achieve balance both physically and mentally.

Includes tailored aromatherapy sinergy.

Coconut and Yogurt Wrap.

With relaxing, anti-stress characteristics; the coconut brings to your body a lot of vitamins and minerals which alone with yogurt has an exfoliating effect over your skin and moisturizes it, leaving your skin soft and revitalized. Includes bathtub with effervescent salts and aromatherapy.


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