We are committed to utilizing solely Ecuadorian wellness products, including locally made organic & natural products to maintain our country’s traditions, while still holding modern standards.



Sumpa Lovers

This discovery inspires the cabin of Water by the Lovers of Sumpa. Designed for couples:

For her: An Andean wrap with sugar cane and roses water.
For him: A salts wrap and Andean aromatherapy.

Then, an algae facials followed by a couple’s bamboo massage, in a unique aquatic – roman­tic environment. Hydrotherapy included.



Couple’s Wrap

Couple’s Wrap. For her (90 min)

From generation to generation we have used the panela for its  moisturizing, exfoliating  and rejuvenating properties. Alone with the royalty of the honey and delicacy  of the  rose; they made a very feminine wrap exfoliation that will leave your skin smooth and  majestic.

Couple’s Wrap. For him (90 min)

lt evokes our indigenous ancestors with their own salts from the Ecuadorian Andes. This wrap is a festival of senses that cleans, moisturizes and renews your skin, alone with a relaxing Andean aromatherapy.



Bambu Therapy 

Bamboo is the Water element that brings a massage ancient technique, revitalizes  both  mentally  and physically. The bamboo massage  is anti-stress, delineates and tones the body, reactivates circulation and promotes tissue regeneration.



Organic sugarcane roses and honey wrap (hydrotherapy)



Ecuadorian andean spiritual facial 100% pure



Ecuadorian salts amaranto and andean aromatherapy (hydrotherapy)


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