We are committed to utilizing solely Ecuadorian wellness products, including locally made organic & natural products to maintain our country’s traditions, while still holding modern standards.



UkU Samai


Routine Getaway

Half Day


The best way to disconnect and to renew your soul.

  • Circle of life introspection (optional)
  • Herbal foot bath with pressure points
  • House Tizana
  • Final snack
  • Four different types of focalized and customized massages to choose from (40 min)
  • Jacuzzi  (1 hour)
  • Lunch
RESERVATION WITH 24 HOURS Length: 2 hours therapy (lunch and extra relaxion time not included) Starts 10h30



Renewal Experience at Hostería San José

Start with a walk at our ancestral garden.  Followed by a Yoga session, includes Yoga, Coach.

  • Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Ritual
  • Life Circle Introspection (optional)
  • Herbal foot bath with pressures points
  • House Tizana
  • Final Healthy Snack
  • Four different type of localized and customized massages to choose from (40 min)
  • Jacuzzi and steam room
  • Lunch (three stages)

Starts 9:00AM



Magic Night

A great night with your love one and perfect energy for romance.

  • Couples Ritual
  • Circle of life, couples introspection exercise
  • Herbal foot bath with pressure points
  • House Tizana
  • A la carte massage: localized massage 40 min
  • Jacuzzi  (optional)
  • Healthy finalizing Snack
  • Special dinner
  • Suite for couples
  • Breakfast next day at the restaurant

Ritual Starts at 5:00 pm



Hand and foot wellness experience

A luxury endulgence for your feet and hands, treat your feet and hands with the most sensory and wellness ritual for deep cleansing coffee exfoliation, nails treated with drills and essences, and the most relaxing massage for your hands and feet.


  • Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Ritual
  • Life Circle Introspection (optional)
  • Deep cleansing hand and feet  exfoliation
  • Nail´s polishing
  • Hand and feet massage




Family and friends wellness and adventure experience


Enjoy with your friends and family an adventure day at the unique inhabited volcano in America. A family lunch inside the Cráter and a relaxation afternoon with the best sensory experiences with the FIRE and EARTH elements.

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Experience
  • Trekk or horseback riding to the Pululahua Crater
  • Jacuzzi and Steam Room
  • Outdoors, family style lunch at the Crater with wine
  • Organic extract facial or The Crater massage at the Spa


90.16 USD (2 – 10 PAX)
81.96 USD > 11 PAX



Radiant Bride

(deep wellness preparation ritual for your wedding)

For the most important day of your life, you need more than just a pre-wedding preparation, you need a holistic and spiritual balancing experience.
We prepare you physically and spiritual for the great moment of your life.
At least one week before the BIG day.

  • Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Ritual.
  • Life Circle Introspection (optional)
  • Herbal foot bath with pressure points
  • House Tizana
  • Final Healthy Snack
  • Air experience, yogurt and coconut body wrap (special Motts and dark spot removal) to look perfect with your wedding dress.
  • Effervescent aromatherapy bath alone with a wine glass.
  • Germaine de Cappuccini facial to have the perfect skin before the wedding make up session.
  • The most relaxing balanced energy massage with aromatherapy to get wedding preparation stress away.



Live the four elements from the middle of the world

Wellness Ritual: Herbal foot bath with pressure points, house tizana, finishing snacks and introspection exercise.

  • Earth: Mud Body Wrap with Vichy Shower, it makes us closer to the abundance to the fertility and soil roots. (60 min)
  • Fire: The fire massage is a hot stone massage that enhances energetically the fire element. This element is the creation, destruction and transformation element (40 min)
  • Air: This is an element that represents the wisdom and the knowledge. We have magnificent organic extracts facial to live with the elements (40 min)
  • Water: It is a sub-consciousness element and purification, nothing better than our aromatic hydrotherapy Jacuzzi and Steam Room to live this magnificent element (20 min)

Length: 3 hours and a halt


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