We are committed to utilizing solely Ecuadorian wellness products, including locally made organic & natural products to maintain our country’s traditions, while still holding modern standards.


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El Cráter Spa is located strategically in a spot where we can view two worlds, two skies, and two hemispheres.

This treatment was inspired by air, a force that caresses gently, elevates, and exists in harmony with birds. Birds have a strength that allow them to identify the world and recognize specific entities solely through their smell. Organic and Andean aromatherapy is an essential element of this ritual, evident through our facials that use organic essences, our energy balance massages of the two body hemispheres, and our yogurt and coconut wrap followed by a bath with effervescent salts. This ritual will elevate you into serene relaxation of all the 5 senses, with a particular emphasis on one’s sense of smell.


150min: $160



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