We are committed to utilizing solely Ecuadorian wellness products, including locally made organic & natural products to maintain our country’s traditions, while still holding modern standards.





Herbal foot bath – house tisana – seasonal fruits and and circle of life introspection time.

El Cráter

This ritual is our home signature, El Cráter. It is a ritual full of skin stimuli through different
textures, temperature changes a nd abundant nutrients and enzymes. In a relaxation ritual, it begins with a honey facial with aloe vera and our massage signature El Cráter, finalizing with a relaxation and meditation.



El Cráter Massage

This massage will surround you on a volcanic geothermal reality, coming from stones in your body at different temperatures to achieve an integral wellness Alone with the traditional wellness therapeutic massage, this massage will transport you through our fire room to land in the earthly volcanic force of a spectacular view of the Pullulahua volcano.



Royal Jelly Germaine de Capuccini Facial

Thanks to the Jelly properties, Germnaine de Capuccini has developed a complete facial that allows an adequate epidermal cohesion and restitution of the skin resilience. The facial is a set of textures on your face that will leave your skin young and renewed.



Organic jelly and Aloe Vera Facial



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