We are committed to utilizing solely Ecuadorian wellness products, including locally made organic & natural products to maintain our country’s traditions, while still holding modern standards.




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Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Spa was just recently nominated for the title of the best eco-friendly spa in the world.  Our spa aims to set an example for all other spas, not just in Ecuador but around the globe.  This nomination depicts the outstanding standard that we have set for our spa and we hope we serve as an inspiration to initiate the move to an eco-friendly world.



 Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Spa is an eco-friendly, luxurious, holistic wellness destination spa.  We are a company that is committed to utilizing solely Ecuadorian wellness products, including locally made organic and natural products in order to maintain our country’s traditions, while still holding modern standards.   Our wellness specialists promote activities that focus on rebalancing your inner soul with the values of our beautiful country.  Each of these services emphasize an Ecuadorian sensory experience through the use of sustainable means.   Additionally, our spa is dedicated to high contact customer service, emphasizing positive and abundant personal interactions with our consumers to fulfill their every need.  Not only does our Spa offer exemplary treatments, but we also celebrate Ecuadorian art in our gallery, which is a distinguishing aspect about us that makes our destination unique.



Located directly in the center of the world in Quito, Ecuador, our vicinity to a picturesque, inhabited volcano secures us as one of the best spa destinations in the world.  Our spa’s wellness rituals epitomize luxury through our meticulous attention to details, extremely elaborated procedures, and personal customizations for each individual customer.  Surrounded by nature, with serene treatment spaces and various types of hydrotherapy, meditation areas and resting areas, our spa will leave you utterly cleansed and relaxed.  We provide spaces to consult with wellness specialists, as well as offer signature treatments inspired by Ecuadorian history and traditions.



Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Spa was based on the idea of Paola Mora, the spa’s founder, to discover the best possible way to create a 360-hospitality experience.  Paola’s intense passion for hospitality, concept creation and sustainable practices materialized into the Joyas del Ecuador Wellness Spa in order to provide what the world needs most nowadays: wellness.  Spas allow the opportunity to divulge into every single sense in our body and mind, transcending the tangible world to become a pleasurable holistic experience.



To provide the best wellness, renewal and spa experience, distinguishing ourselves as the first and foremost destination spa for reinvigorating getaways and enlightening self-discovery through our emphasis on native Ecuadorian natural products, inspiring traditions, and captivating artwork.


To become the most renowned wellness and destination spa in the world, elevated by our Ecuadorian natural beauty, unique traditions, ancestral medicine, and impressive professionalism.  Likewise, we aim to become a collaborative family of investors, employees, suppliers, and clients that is devoutly committed to wellness, environment, and community.

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